doTERRA diffuser blend douglas fir, spearmint, lime

We love experimenting and creating our own diffuser blends. Diffusing essential oils in your home is a wonderful way to enjoy the aromas of essential oils as well as the therapeutic benefits. This beautiful blend is whimsical, uplifting and fresh. Douglas Fir essential oil is sourced from evergreen fir trees in New Zealand and its unique chemical composition gives it an uplifting, purifying and refreshing fragrance. Combing Douglas Fir with a citrus oil such as Lime will uplift your mood and help you focus.

Although the Douglas Fir is native to North America, it has become an invasive species in New Zealand threatening the surrounding landscape. dōTERRA works closely with the New Zealand government through a responsible sourcing partnership to provide an environmentally friendly solution by harvesting the Douglas Fir trees for essential oil. To learn more about how dōTERRA sources Douglas Fir oil, click here.

I love to add a bit of citrus or mint to other woody oils when making my diffuser blends. This combo of Spearmint and Lime with Douglas Fir is beautifully fragrant! Lime essential oil is both refreshing and energizing and will uplift mood and promote emotional balance and well-being. The essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes. Spearmint is one of my favourites! It is both sweet and minty. Spearmint is a milder option than Peppermint essential oil, and I love it in this blend as it is not overpowering. Spearmint’s minty fresh aroma and the chemical components of carvone and limonene have energizing and uplifting properties…great to help promote a sense of focus and uplift your mood.