We had so much fun creating this gorgeous and magical enchanted forest inspired baby shower filled with lots of greenery, lush florals and details that remind us of the fairytales of our childhood and storybook forests. Our beautiful mom-to-be, Melanie, is wearing a lush floral crown designed by Art in Bloem.  Inspired by nature, this gorgeous enchanted forest baby shower is perfect for moms-to-be that love everything natural and that strive to live as organically and eco-friendly as possible.

maternity portrait woman with floral crown organic maternity portrait enchanted forest baby shower floral crown by Art in Bloem Maternity portrait with florals maternity portrait with florals

eco friendly baby shower gift table

For our Enchanted Forest baby shower gift table, we continued the theme of storybook forests and whimsical fairy tales.  Bleeding hearts and succulents are placed around the gift table display adding whimsy to our enchanted forest theme. Art in Bloem created vignettes of stacked books overflowing magically with succulents, moss, and baby eggs which really tied our theme into the gift station. Creating a beautiful gift table that ties into your overall baby shower theme adds another beautiful vignette during the event. Beautiful handmade baby products from local maker Junebugs filled our table. Josee, owner of Junebugs chose a beautiful book themed fabric to create beautiful gifts for our natural eco-loving mama-to-be.

natural loving mama to be gift station eco-friendly gift ideas for natural loving moms-to-be Albert Einstein literary quote

I love the quote that Katie Williams Design Co. chose to create a poster for the gift table.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. – Albert Einstein

books overflowing with succulents and moss

Art in Bloem created these amazing books with forest greenery magically growing out of their pages as a simple detail that adds whimsy to the event.

eco-friendly locally made baby bibs eco-friendly locally made baby bibs

Beautiful handmade baby bibs by local maker Junebugs are a perfect gift for moms-to-be that love to support local and handmade.

Thank you table for baby shower

It’s always important to thank your guests for coming. We created this Thank you table using enchanted forest florals along with branches and cut tree rounds and also included a treat for everyone who attended. The beautiful moss-covered tree was a fun twist on an ordinary guest book. Have each guest write a personal note of advice or share a memory or special thought for the mom-to-be and hang it on the branches for her to read and cherish.

wooden pencil thank you table baby shower nature inspired cookies

Rosalyn from Kāke Studio Bakery created these beautiful hand painted forest themed gingerbread cookies for our Thank You Table.

To see the rest of the photos from our Enchanted Forest Baby Shower click here. Adding a whimsical essential oil diffuser blend using certified pure therapeutic grade oils is another way to add a touch of magic to your event. I created an enchanted forest diffuser blend that was inspired by the fairy tales I so loved from my childhood and dreams of enchanted storybook forests. Adding a custom scent to your event is a way to truly make the event memorable and can enhance a feeling of being immersed in the theme of the event.  A custom diffuser blend can also contribute to setting the scene, enhance the visual environment and also bring your event concept to life. Using certified pure therapeutic grade oils in your diffuser can also set the exact mood that you wish to created at your event.  If you add the essential oil blend to your invitations as well, it can complete the entire experience for your guests and help create a truly memorable and unique event.