My story


Hi there and welcome to my site. My name is Jennifer Klementti and I want to share with you how I got started with essential oils and why I love dōTERRA. I have always loved being surrounded by nature; there is something so therapeutic about breathing in the fresh air. The beautiful scent of a forest, the plants, the trees and the earth is simply uplifting.

Often in life, we wonder which path to follow. Living a creative life is both exhilarating and challenging. I think that following your heart will always set you on the right path. I traveled a lot in my twenties and took my time with my studies at university.I had the opportunity to live in Spain with a wonderful family when I was 18 years old and this is when I truly developed my love for travel and for exploring our amazing world. I eventually became a French and Spanish teacher and taught at a local high school for four years. However, I always longed to live a more creative life. This is when I made the decision to resign from teaching and go back to school for photography. I am a photographer and creative director and have been honoured to photograph so many amazing people and places over the course of the past thirteen years.

The image on the right is from a portrait series that I conceptualized and photographed while at photography school in 2003. I photographed a series of images in and around Victoria B.C. with transparency (slide) film, then selected and projected the images onto my models using a slide projector and studio lighting to create my portrait series. This portrait is titled “We thrive from plants”.  This is where I find life to be so amazing when you are open to the energy of the universe and you follow your heart. This image now speaks volumes to me since starting my journey with dōTERRA essential oils. I am so thrilled to have these powerful and therapeutic oils in my life. I find it hard to put into words the impact these oils have had on my overall health, my ability to access a deeper level of insight and creativity (hello Frankincense!), and my emotional well-being.

We truly thrive from plants.

Celebrate the ART of LIFE…this has been my philosophy and my tagline since opening my boutique photography studio in 2003. It’s meaning is multifaceted. I believe that to live a consciously inspired life, we need to live authentically, incorporating all aspects of our life, the physical, the mental and the spiritual to truly understand the source of our inspiration and to live a life of purpose. I feel like the experiences that I have had in my life, the skills that I have learned and my desire to live a truly authentic and creative life have all led me here today; to this creative space to share inspired content with you.  I am happy that you are here.



fine art portrait