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How to incorporate dōTERRA into your holistic spa

This is your invitation to join me.

Do you dream of a life filled with community, passion, and purpose?

Are you craving an opportunity to earn some extra income, replace your income, or change your financial situation?

Do you want to ensure that your business continues to thrive during uncertain times?

Are you looking for a residual income stream that you can seamlessly add to your current business that aligns with your green beauty lifestyle?

Are you looking for another way to make an impact and an income and connect with an incredible community?

Well, it’s simple. 

It all starts with falling in love with the oils.

I love to teach people how to use dōTERRA oils to uplevel their health, and how to create financial freedom.

I want to show you how to build your dōTERRA business and welcome you to our community. 

Get personally mentored by me

dōTERRA has changed my life. Not only have the oils and products greatly impacted mine and my family’s health and wellness, but I absolutely love the network marketing model and the dōTERRA culture of education, community, giving back, and lifting up others.

Partnering with dōTERRA is one of the best decisions that I have made for my business. 

I invite you to watch my webinar below.  

If you’re ready to jump into this opportunity with an open heart and a desire to make a bigger impact, I am ready to show you how. 


If you’re a holistic spa owner or aesthetician and you’re interested in adding dōTERRA essential oils into your business, I invite you to watch this video below.

dōTERRA Ranks and Average Earnings

dōTERRA Ranks and Average Earnings

The dōTERRA compensation model is very generous. It’s an incredible opportunity unlike any other.

The compensation plan is real and attainable for those willing to commit and to consistently work on their business.

Joining my team and mentoring with me will also give you added resources for growing your business online, such as custom photography and graphics available exclusively to my team, marketing materials such as ebooks that you can share with your customers and team, ongoing online training within our community, as well as in-person retreats and business training opportunities.

If you are passionate about green beauty, non-toxic lifestyle, essential oils for skincare, beauty, and supporting a healthy lifestyle, then this opportunity may be the perfect fit for you.

This March when I had to close my photography studio for 3 months while continuing to pay the $3000/month overhead made me realize fully how grateful I am for my dōTERRA business and residual income.



Get started with dōTERRA, plus get all the extra goodies to help you start your business as well as mentoring from me (all at no extra cost!)


It’s simple to start your dōTERRA business. All it takes is that first step of saying yes to this incredible opportunity that is waiting for you.


Choose your starter kit, or customize a kit. I’ll get a notification once you place your order and I’ll email you with details on how to get started mentoring with me, and joining our community.


Find all the information on how to get started here or send me an email and let’s chat before you open your account.

I can’t wait to meet you!



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dōTERRA is a global company that has and is still experiencing massive growth around the world. Join my community and learn how to share this lifestyle with others, while growing a heart-centered business and creating financial freedom.

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