Hey there, I’m Jen

I love to help fun loving women feel more ALIVE, at peace and healthy, even if they sometimes skip the kale and have wine with lunch.

I believe that healthy living requires balance.

Green smoothies + wine.

Reading + Netflix.

Exercising + dancing in the sunshine.

Cultural events + escaping into nature.

I have always loved being surrounded by nature; there is something so therapeutic about breathing in the fresh air. The beautiful scent of a forest, the plants, the trees and the earth. I’m at my happiest when I am chilling on the beach, out on the water or exploring new places.

I really stepped into a more natural way of living over 15 years ago. First, it started with food and then with my skincare routine. When my daughter was born in 2009, we really started to overhaul everything that we were bringing into our home. Cleaning products, laundry soaps, everyday items. We made more mindful decisions about what we purchased.


I am a mom of a beautiful 9-year-old daughter and wife to the love of my life.

I met my husband through my younger brother. We became good friends and then started dating a couple years later in 2000. Fast forward to getting married in 2006 and having our daughter in 2009, we are blessed to live a life filled with love, creativity, adventure, and purpose.

We love to be active, hike, camp, travel, explore, see live music, dine out, ski & snowboard. We love to cook nourishing healthy food at home and eat together as a family. We love to lead a creative life and laugh often.

And we love to rock our essential oil lifestyle. And share with you how to do it as well.

My daughter. Time together is our most precious gift.

A bit more about me

+ Home is the beautiful city of Barrie, Ontario, Canada overlooking Kempenfelt Bay.

+ My family is everything to me. Time together. Happiness. Joy. Love.

+ I love to support companies that have a heart and soul. Companies that make products that are good for us and good for the environment. Whenever I can, I like to purchase things that locally made, sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. I believe that when we make conscious decisions about what we purchase, we can make the world a better place.

+ I love to cook food with real ingredients. My husband loves to bake. I love to experiment with essential oils in my kitchen and share those recipes with you.

+ I love to travel. My oils go everywhere with me.

+ When I was 18 I lived in Spain for six months. This experience instilled my sense of wanderlust. When I was 24 I spent a year studying at a University in France. That year was also filled with many backpacking adventures all across Europe. When I was 29, I went back for another 4-month travel adventure throughout Finland, Denmark, and Europe. Since then, we’ve had many road trips, ski trips, and beach trips and I cannot wait for our next travel adventures.

+ I got started with dōTERRA essential oils to find a more natural solution to support my family’s health. It was August 2016 and my daughter (7 years old at the time) said to me that she was not excited about the fall and going back to school because that’s when she gets sick. I knew I needed to find a simple and natural solution for her and for us.  So I finally made the decision and purchased the Home Essentials Kit. I had been using On Guard myself for over a year and wanted to see what this essential oil lifestyle was all about.

+ In November 2016, after experiencing how well the oils worked for myself and my family, I decided to align myself with dōTERRA. After researching the business model and the company, it was a complete no-brainer for me to build a business that supports my family in so many ways. In our physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.

+ I am a wellness guide and I love teaching women how to incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle and home. It brings me such joy to hear stories from women (and a few men!) in my oil community about how essential oils have impacted their overall wellness and their life.

+ I am passionate about plant-based skincare and green beauty. Teaching women how to make simple swaps in their everyday beauty and skincare routines that will impact their health is a message I will continuously share.

+ I have continued to successfully grow and adapt my six-figure photography business to fit my lifestyle and attract my dream clients while working fewer hours and giving more value to my clientele. I am a Creative Director and Photographer. I am a visual branding and storytelling expert.

+ It’s amazing to me to witness how the personal growth that I have experienced from being aligned with dōTERRA has impacted all other areas of my life. My health. My relationships. My self-care. My happiness.

+ In just over a year and a half I have grown our oil community to 330+ women (and a few men!) and I lead a quickly growing team of heart-centered and inspiring women to build their own business that feels aligned with who they are.

+ I love to meet new people…like seriously…ask anyone who knows me. I will talk to anyone. anywhere. anytime. I love to make connections with new people. There are so many fascinating people with amazing stories to tell. It’s no surprise that one of my top 5 strengths is Woo.

+ On the topic of strengths. My top five are Achiever, Maximizer, Futuristic, Strategic and Woo. So essentially, I have a great deal of stamina and I work hard. I love to focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence in my team. I am a dreamer and I have always been inspired by what the future can be and I love to inspire others with their visions of the future. My experience as a creative entrepreneur in a highly saturated and quickly changing photographic industry has helped me develop my strategic business skills to find alternative ways to proceed in any scenario. And Woo…lovely Woo…this is in my bones. I LOVE to meet new people and welcome them into our community.

+ I love guiding women with the essential oil lifestyle.

Get started


Are you ready to get started on your essential oil journey? I would love to welcome you to our community.

When you get started with me, you’ll have access to our community and resources to help guide you in learning how to use your oils.

I’ll take you through the best options on how to get started with essential oils and help guide you to a more natural way of living.



Do you want simple, natural and affordable solutions to help support your overall health?

I created a guide for you to learn about how to use our top ten most popular oils.

The Home Essentials Kit is what I got started with because it has these top ten oils and a diffuser. Learn about the different ways that essential oils can support your overall health.


Do you feel drawn to create a life that you love? A business that fills your heart?

Choosing to start my dōTERRA business was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only do I benefit from using the essential oils in our home, but I get to share this with others.

Teaching women and families how to make small changes that will have a big impact on their overall health is the best part of this business. Spreading the love is what it’s all about.

Work with me

Work with me as a brand photographer and creative director to help you create and define your brand aesthetic.

Connect with me about brand partnerships. Please note that I only partner with businesses that align with my core values of ethical and sustainable business practices.

Invite me to speak to your team or retreat. Popular talks are on healthy living with essential oils or on building a business that you love and creating a trusted brand.

I love to teach about essential oils. Gather up a group of girlfriends and I will come to you and teach a class.


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96 Mary Street
Barrie, ON, L4N 1T1

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(P.S. They're all natural remedies because no one really wants to pay thousands for Botox)

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