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Hello summer! So happy that you are finally gracing us with beautiful sun-kissed days and the sweet aromas of gardens in bloom. This week, I have been out photographing in some of our beautiful parks and enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous aroma of lilacs in bloom. I love this time of year!  One of my favourite things to do is to create my own diffuser blends, and I wanted to create a fresh uplifting blend for you for the summer. This blend has 3 drops Juniper Berry, 3 drops Wild Orange, 2 drops Bergamot and 1 drop Ylang Ylang. Try this blend if your diffuser and let me know what you think. When I am creating my blends, I simply open up my oils and start smelling oils together to see if I like the pairing. I also start to experiment with the number of drops too. For this blend, I didn’t want the Ylang Ylang to overpower the beautifully sweet and fresh citrus scents. Adding just one drop of Ylang Ylang to this blend adds a beautiful floral undertone to this uplifting and bright diffuser blend.

Juniper Berry oil is a favourite of mine for it’s sweet, woody and fresh aroma. The oil is steam distilled with the oil coming from the berry part of the plant. Bergamot was used in the first eau de cologne and has been used for centuries in the perfume industry. Bergamot essential oil is also used to flavour Earl Grey tea. Wild Orange essential oil is definitely one of my favourite oils for its beautifully uplifting and sweet fresh citrus scent. The oil is cold pressed from the rind and has stimulating and purifying qualities and when diffused can uplift your mood. Bergamot essential oil is sourced from orchards in Reggio di Calabria, which is the “toe of the boot” of Italy and is the only place on Earth that it is grown. dōTERRA has partnered with The Amadeo family, who have a fourth generation business growing lemons and bergamot fruits. Ylang ylang essential oil is harvested in Madagascar from the flower blossoms of the plant. Ylang ylang is a tropical flower with a sweet, rich scent and has long been used in the perfume industry. For a beautiful and natural perfume, try putting a drop or two of Ylang Ylang on your wrists. Diffusing Ylang Ylang essential oil can help promote a more positive outlook as well as having a calming effect. Ylang Ylang is native to Indonesia and the Philippines. It is a traditional Indonesian wedding custom to lay Ylang Ylang flowers upon the bed of newlyweds to honour the aphrodisiac quatlity for which the oil is known for.


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(P.S. They're all natural remedies because no one really wants to pay thousands for Botox)

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