Winter Solstice 2021 | A Return to love

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Winter Solstice 2021 Forest

Winter solstice 2021| A return to love.

How do we heal the world with love?

To be in the love frequency, one must be able to release any fear and ground into their truest self which is pure love.

To ground oneself is to shut out all external distractions and filter through all the noise. Only then can one be in alignment with their truest nature.

Being in nature and in contact with the earth is important to connect with your higher self.

The winter solstice is a wonderful day to create space for being in nature, making time for some self-care rituals, and creating your own ceremony to mark the winter solstice, which is the day of the “sun’s rebirth.”

Celebrate the change in seasons on the winter solstice by honouring one’s connection to the natural world.

How to celebrate winter solstice

Get up early and watch the sunrise. Enjoy some quiet time with a coffee or tea and grab your favourite journal to write down your thoughts and inner reflections. Set intentions for the new season we are entering.

Honour the winter through self-care rituals such as lighting candles, diffusing essential oils, clearing energy with crystals, or burning sage or palo santo.

sage, palo santo, and crystals

On last year’s solstice, I had a crystal healing reiki session with Marcie from Aligned with Marcie who shares space with me at my studio. I am booked in for solstice this year as well.

Last year during my crystal healing session, I experienced a vision in my third eye which was the face of a lone grey wolf staring calmly and directly at me.

I found this gorgeous illustration below through a stock website which reminded me of the vision that I had on the solstice last year.

The wolf spirit guide can symbolize a deep connection with your intuition and instincts, and a calling to live your life more freely. The Grey Wolf spirit animal also reminds us about love and acceptance towards oneself and others.

This is the only time that I have had a vision during a Reiki session and it was such a profound experience.

This past year I have really taken the time to learn how to further develop my intuitive abilities, to listen to my body, and be more open to the many signs or messages from the universe to help guide me in the right direction.

What I have discovered, and what I realize that I have truly known deep inside all along, is that love is the only way forward.

Stepping out of fear and into love is to discover the true power within yourself. As creator beings, we have the power and the potential to create our own reality. 

Use this solstice to find a way to return to pure love.

Wolf Illustration

Celebrate the winter solstice by connecting with the earth and with nature. Spend some time in the woods; taking a nice slow walk, or try forest bathing, shinrin-yoku, which is a mindfulness practice and exercise of spending two to three hours in the woods consciously connecting to the natural environment.

Over the past several years, I have made earthing or grounding an almost daily practice. Grounding or earthing is a well-known ancient tradition of connecting barefoot with the earth. It’s beneficial for connecting with the frequency of the earth and with nature. In the winter, you can get the benefit of grounding by sitting against a tree, or of course going barefoot if you don’t mind the cold snow.

Grounding impacts our frequency by negative electrons in the earth’s surface interacting with our bodies. These electrons bring balance and harmony to our body and can neutralize that which is out of alignment with our truest selves.

This can help show us who we are and how to work in alignment with nature.


crystals in snow

I love celebrating the winter solstice by taking this time for self-care, being in nature, and also spending time sharing a great meal with my family. It’s also a beautiful way to welcome the holiday season without all the focus on materialism and endless consumerism which is advertised to us non-stop leading up to Christmas.

Create your own way to celebrate the solstice and tap into connecting meaningfully with nature and thus tapping into more of your truest self.

Tap into the frequency of pure love by being present in the moment and soaking in the sun of your being. Pure love is love that has no conditions, is not romantic love, or love of things or possessions. Pure love stems from the connection you have with Source, the Universe, or God (however you connect).

Pure love accepts all into its presence and does not require anything but releasing judgement, negativity, and scorn.

Crystals and Himilayan Salt Lamp

When we exist in the frequency of pure love, we can not only elevate our individual lives, but we can also have a great influence on the collective, as well as our beautiful planet.

Some simple things to reflect upon and perhaps write in your journal to celebrate the winter solstice and the return of the light could be individual goals on lowering your impact on the environment, how to create a stronger community that treats all beings with respect and dignity, or what you need to maintain your sense of peace and calm when everything around you may feel totally out of control.

My wish for this solstice is for a return to love and a return to real community.

Community is togetherness even if we are apart. Achieving togetherness is as simple as loving your neighbour and treating all with respect. It’s recognizing that it is our differences that unite us and that makes us stronger as a whole.

The world is energy. Everything is energy. We are energetic beings. Together, we can heal the world with love. 





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